As I sat alone trying to face my demons,
Trying to do what everyone had tried to do since generations,
That is, to accept yourself for who you are,
You should consider yourself no less than a star.
Don’t ever think you aren’t good enough,
Be true to yourself, even if times get tough.
Just like oil and water don’t go together,
The society has rules which turn you into something else altogether.
Break free,
You be you,
Stay carefree.


When I was a kid,
I thought under the bed was where the monsters hid.
But we stopped checking for monsters under our beds,
When we realised that they were inside us.
We’ve done things we should be proud of,
And also a lot of things to be ashamed of.
We tend to ignore the evil within,
And disregard our sins.
But there is still hope for humanity,
To reverse the damage done,
And to rise against the brutality.

#10 Laugh

Laugh, cause your troubles won’t last,
Do not dwell on the problems past.
Your smile will make everything easy,
Believe in yourself and your ability.
Laugh and be healed,
Smile and the solution shall be revealed.
Keep smiling be it sunshine or rain,
And eventually you’ll get through the pain.
Laugh and be happy,
And your day won’t ever be crappy.

#9 Adapt

Sometimes things won’t go your way,
Somethings will be hard, like finding a needle in the hay.
Life is never easy,
Those who think that, live in a fantasy.
But every problem has a bright side,
Face them, don’t run and hide.
Don’t heed what others say,
Life is not all fun and play.
Be ready for anything,
If you manage to get through, you’ll have everything.
When life throws you a curve ball,
You may feel like you got your back against the wall,
But if you adapt and not fall,
You’ll be able to stand ever so tall.
So never give up,
And hold that chin up


My eyelids are heavy, but I can’t sleep.
My demons are living but I can’t keep.
With the world, with the universe,
Too much in me to curse.
Caution; its only 12,
Could you handle me at this hour ?
So be my guest.
No, you can’t go inside my nest.
Just to find out there is nothing best,
And leave me in the middle of nowhere just like the rest.
But never mind I’m just a mess.


Prettier than the stars,
I don’t mind the scars.
Kiss you all day long,
My love, always be strong.
Soon, we’ll be together forever,
I won’t let you go, never ever.
You stole my heart,
From you, I cannot stay apart.
What we have will last,
With you I always have a blast.
You are my everything,
Without you I’m nothing.
You are a piece of perfection,
Everything is perfect, even your reflection.
You are my soulmate,
With you, I’d love to be intimate.
You are mine,
And I’m thine.

#6 Success

I was told the secret to success,
Wasn’t the result but the process.
Never did anyone succeed in one try,
The secret is, after a failure don’t just sit and cry.
Never stop until you finish,
This way, there’s ‚Äča lot you can accomplish.
Don’t just plan, put it into action,
And stay away from all the distractions.
There is no secret ingredient,
You just have to be efficient.
And remember, the path to success is never convenient.

#5 Gone days

When i was a child, i was wild,
All my troubles were mild.
Now I’m all grown up,
All the world seems corrupt.
Used to aim to be the best,
But now I just want to be better than the rest.
Used to be a time,
Where I actually had time.
I could play all day or be still,
But now I have to worry about paying the bills.
Used to go on trips exploring the jungles,
Now all I explore is where i kept the files and the bundles.
When i was just a little boy,
Those were the times of joy.
Now as i work throughout the day,
I wish I could go back to those days.

#4 Fear

As i lay on the bed in my silent room,
Without her, i could feel the impending doom.
She carried me through the darkness,
Ignored all my faults and my weakness.
She’s gone, and now i only feel fear,
She was my everything, now that’s crystal clear.
Her presence was a miracle,
With her, i cherished every spectacle.
I’d do anything to get you back,
Cause without you my life seems black.

#3 Nostalgia

As i held you close by the fire,
My joy knew no bounds.
Beneath the open sky, we began to talk,
This journey of life, i promised, together we’ll walk.
I think you are prettier than the moon,
I don’t want to let this go so soon.
Looking at the stars shine,
I wanted so bad, for you to be mine.
The night passed and the sun rose,
And we moved on forwards,
And i never left afterwards.